Everything you need to know before getting an MRI Spine test

If you’ve experienced recent back pain, injury, or even paralysis, an MRI spine test may be necessary to help find out the cause of the problem and to detect any further damage. This test is conducted by using a machine that generates strong magnetic and radio waves to the back in order to get a clear picture of the internal workings of the spine. Some examples of what an MRI spine test will do is asses the anatomy of the spine, look for any possible diseased tissue, create a plan for future surgeries by getting a detailed look at the spine and surrounding muscles, evaluate any compressed or pinched nerves, look for any possible tumors, and much more. An MRI machine is a very large tubular machine that the patient must lie down inside, while the technical equipment scans the body. It is a painless process that is usually done on an outpatient basis, meaning that the patient can usually leave and go home once the test has been completed.

The MRI spine test is an accurate way for physicians to get a very detailed picture of the spine itself, which can open new doors to diagnosis as well as surgeries and other treatment. Some doctors are even using the MRI spine test as a way to look at children who may have certain issues such as ADD or other symptoms that could be a result of nerve or spinal problems. It is recommended that all patients remove any metal objects when receiving an MRI of any kind. If you wear a pacemaker or other device, it is important to let your doctor know immediately before taking the test. While no test is foolproof, this is a very accurate method to let doctors see the inner workings of the human body in order to make an informed decision on treatment and care.

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