A Listing of MRI Scans Available (Continued)

CT Coronary Angiogram
85% of heart attacks are attribute to a sudden blockage of blood flow from dislodged plaques in the coronary artery walls. This non-invasive procedure detects the unstable, lipid-rich non-calcified soft plaques in the arteries. With early treatment and positive lifestyle changes, heart disease can be stopped, slowed, or even reversed. A contrast injection is required to visualize the interior of the arteries.

Heart View Complete
Includes both the calcium scoring test and the coronary angiogram providing you with complete viewing of the coronary arteries.

3D Dental Scan
A dedicated scan protocol and software program for the specific purpose of measuring bone mass in the upper and lower jaws for dental implants.  Requires recommendation by a dentist.

Stroke and Tumor Screen
This exam includes an Open MRI of the brain tissue, an MRA of the arteries of the brain, as well as an MRA of the carotid arteries in the neck.  This scan helps to identify changes associated with normal aging, possible risk of stroke, and lesions of the brain.

MRI of the Brain Only

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